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West Chester, PA Realtor Seeks Local Businesses to Expand Successful Marketing Campaign

West Chester, Pa. – Don Dowd has earned a reputation for "out of the box" marketing that has placed him near the top of the RE/MAX agent rankings in the Pennsylvania and Delaware regions. Even during one of the worst real estate markets in decades, Don's sales have been steadily climbing. At present, he ranks in the top 5 out of over 3200 agents throughout the area, with sales in 2011 on pace to eclipse the already strong numbers he posted in 2010.  

Some of Don's marketing successes include luxury magazine listings, real estate broker open houses with giveaways of valuable merchandise, and strategic alliances with top professionals from related industries. Last month, Don launched a new marketing campaign to coincide with the kickoff of football season. His most recent campaign has been so effective, he's looking to partner with more businesses that have a desire to share in his success.

The fall campaign is based on around a simple and familiar concept; distributing refrigerator magnets with Philadelphia football schedules on them. Studies indicate that most fans will not only place these magnets on their refrigerators, but they will remain there long after football season has ended. This could mean months of free publicity for Don and his partners.

While the concept of sending magnets to the public is nothing new, the distribution method is unique. Unlike most realtors who send them out via direct mail, Don distributes these magnets through local businesses. This gives him a cost effective way to distribute a much higher volume of magnets, and help local business partners at the same time.

"The average real estate agent does a direct mailing of around 300-500 magnets and pays about $1 each," Dowd says. "I decided to distribute these directly through local businesses, allowing me to get a much larger volume into the hands of the public at a much lower cost per piece. In addition, each magnet carries the name and logo of the business I'm partnering with, giving them untold amounts of free publicity for doing nothing more than handing the magnets out to their customers and clients."

The football schedule magnet campaign has been so successful, Don is looking to partner with more local businesses for the hockey season.

"We've seen phenomenal results with the football magnets," Dowd continues. "Within 2 months, we've been able to get over 30,000 magnets into the hands of the public. This has not only been great for our business, but for our partners as well."

Dowd believes that the length of the hockey season offers an even greater opportunity for businesses looking for free publicity to capitalize on this proven marketing method.

"Hockey season lasts until April or May. This gives us many months to get these magnets out and onto refrigerators throughout the region. I encourage any business in Delaware, Chester, or Montgomery counties to give us a call as soon as possible if they want to get in on this."   


  • Chubby Balboa's Sports Bar
  • Goose Creek Grill
  • Classic Diner
  • Country Deli
  • With thousands of calling cards already on refrigerators throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware, Don and his partnering businesses are already seeing exceptional results from their efforts. Don is encouraging other area businesses to get in touch with him if they want to be part of his upcoming winter hockey magnet campaign.


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    "We had worked with two very good real-estate agents over a period of two years but still were unable to sell our home. Although we owned a beautiful home and property, we couldn't understand, even in this market, why we were not getting more activity and interest. When my home went off the market for the second time, the first agent to contact me was Don Dowd and I was impressed with his attention to detail and aggressive approach to marketing. Within sixty days, we had several interested potential buyers and were able to sell our home.

    Don marketed our property in a way we had never seen before, which gave us much greater exposure, and it paid off. He has a great deal of experience in real estate and thinks outside of the box, utilizing marketing methods that work. He worked very hard for us, always answered my calls right away and paid attention to all of the details."
    - James L. Bianco, VMD, speaking about his Pine Hill Farm Estate home in Willistown, PA
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